Interesting Podcasts

So Podcasts have been a big part of my life for a long time now: while driving in the car, walking outside, doing sports or chores – it’s so convenient to put headphones on and listen to a wide variety of topics.

I’ve been asked a lot what kind of podcasts I am listening to: It is always evolving, but for my current schedule I can’t add more podcasts without removing some first.

First: How to listen?

So if you’re new to listening to podcasts, the first thing is to find a schedule and a way to listen. For me every minute that I am alone in a car, or walking around, I’m listening to podcasts. That means also that I need a good app to be able to listen to podcasts anywhere. I’m using the fabulous Overcast app for listening to podcasts, mainly because it downloads new episodes automatically and you can set the playback speed for every podcast or a default playback speed. It’s also free and the developer is a great person (and doing one of my favorite podcasts: ATP)

I highly recommend adjusting the playpack speed of your podcast, as you get used to the voices of the hosts, it allows you to cram more podcasts into your day…

The best podcasts offer a very concise topic that I’m interested in, be it entrepreneurship, stock market, business strategy or tech. Some do go broader, which I like if it is well presented. As with book these days, I’m not into fiction / fantasy.


Business Strategy

Both these podcasts are from Ben Thompson. If you don’t know him, go read some of his articles, one of his most cited is: Amazon’s New Customer from 2017.

Exponent (Link)

Ben Thompson and James Allworth are going deep into business strategy. Not only does it always give me a new perspective but the way the two argue is on a very high level!

For anyone who’s interested in business strategy, Ben is a must read (he has a free and paid newsletter!)

The Stratechery Podcast (Link)

Ben Thompson has for the last couple of years written very long articles regarding aggregation theory. If you’re subscribing to the free or paid newsletter he will now read you the articles that he’s sending out, so you need ot register here to get the podcast. I haven’t subscribed to his paid tier but I will definitely sometime in the future.

Startup & Tech News:

Equity (Link)

A TechCrunch production: quite short, twice a week. It goes through the most interesting deals in the private market, but also covers some news in the public market. Three presenters that are very fun to listen to.

The Information’s 411 (Link)

I would love to subscribe to The Information, but it is so freakingly expensive and as I don’t see myself reading more long form articles, it is really nice that they are doing a free podcast. The presenter Tom is diving into some of their articles every week.

If you haven’t heard about The Information, but are into tech: quite often the source for some breaking / exclusive stories are originally reported here – also they are doing quite few interviews with CEO’s in the industry, so a very good place to start getting deep into the tech / media landscape.

The Vergecast (Link)

I’ve been following and reading The Verge for a few years now and the podcast is a very nice way to consume news, but also the chemistry between the moderators is delightful! After a few episodes you get more jokes and more things that are going on between the hosts.

a16z Podcast (Link)

Andreesen Horowitz should be a very familiar name for anyone in the realm of Silicon Valley or entrepreneurship (Andreesen coined the phrase “Software is eating the world” in 2011). A podcast that covers nearly everything and for me a good way to keep taps on things that are not in my main area of interst. But the hosts are always very intersting and insightful.

Accidental Tech Podcast (Link)

This a less serious one. If you enjoy listening to three nerds and Apple fanboys, all slightly older than me, talk about everything regarding programming, computers and on occasion garage door openers or baby phones, then this is a treat every week. It’s also very long (over two hours), but for me that’s actually a plus.

Episode 96 & 372 are awesome for a starter!

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast (Link)

If you have been on Youtube and searched for a tech product, you have probably come across Marques Brownlee. He is the creator behind one of the most successful YouTube channels (MKBHD). In this podcasts (recently launched in 2020) he gives some background stories to videos, does interviews and also gives some perspective to his thinking and his creative process.

Stock market & Business News

What’d you Miss This Week – Bloomberg (Link), News stock market related

This is mostly a quick run down on the most important topic for Wallstreet, comes out every Saturday. Is a good indicator for what has happened in the market last week.

Motley Fool:

An investment / stock market service that aligns with my investing values very much.

Can recommend all of them, they are quite similar but all have their focusses. To discover new stocks and having some insight how to evaluate them This is a very good starting point.

General Knowledge

Curiosity Daily (Link)

This daily show (roughly 20 minutes) talks about three noteworthy topics from science or life. It’s mostly knowledge that you’ll probably never use again – still very interesting!

Planet Money (Link)

This podcast is doing a deep dive into one topic every week. It’s always very relevant and very good researched.

M favorite episodes are:

Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Janet Landsbury answers listener emails and questions she encounters. I have learned so far, that children are first and foremost occupied to try and understand the world. But not just the physical world, also the emotions and cultural norms. That’s why they are not on purpose doing things to anger parents. It just finds something that’s unusual – especially when the parents are emotionally aroused – it will investigate further and try it again. I have the feeling most episodes are re-interating the same point, but it is very good to get this reminder every now and then again and having it applied to another example certainly helps!

So, that’s it. I will probably do a new post, if I discover more podcasts, or even replace some. What podcasts are you listening to and which ones would you recommend? I’ve actually tried a lot of German podcasts, but they’re not as informative or not as well researched in my opinion: If you think I’m wrong: Please do!

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