My first name is Ping and last name is Lu, to take out any confusion. I am an experienced founder, investor and mentor. Having founded two companies that are both profitable, investing in nearly a dozen of companies and mentoring a few selected people.

I was born in China and moved to Germany when I was a toddler, growing up in a few places around Germany – ending up doing my A-levels near Frankfurt.

I have studied Mathematics in Munich at Technical University of Munich. In hindsight Math was probably way to technical and theoretical for me, but it did teach me a few things, one and foremost to always check the premise! More on this on another note…

How technology can enable so much good in our world has always fascinated me, making me a very tech sawy user of technology but also dabbled into programming (Visual Basic and C) in school and then moving on to PHP, perl and quite a lot of JavaScript.

During my time at university friends asked me to program a webshop for their new product Braufässchen as a quick side project. This turned out to be a lot fun that I joined as a Co-Founder in 2012. From within Braufässchen we have launched a new company called Pure Flavour.

My current role is to make everything run smoothly. From procurement, production, quality, regulatory and delivery, but also finances and people management. The latter being a real motivation for me, enabling every individual to get better in their respective role and feeling more fulfilled in their work. Finding the right balance between nurture and nudging is powerful and fascinating for me!