My name is Ping Lu, I have been living in Munich for over 10 years now. I was born in China and moved to Germany when I was a toddler, growing up in a few places around Germany – ending up doing my A-levels near Frankfurt.

I have studied Mathematics in Munich, especially because I love the idea of argumentation based on facts. In mathematics the nice thing is, there is one right answer and uncountable wrong ones – very satisfying.
I have always been interested in technology and technical things. Having dabbled into programming (Visual Basic and C) in school and then moving on to PHP, perl and quite a lot of JavaScript.

During my time at university friends asked me to program a webshop for their new product Braufässchen as a quick side project. This turned out to be a lot of fun, that I joined as a Co-Founder in 2012. More on this in a separate post. From within Braufässchen we have launched a new company called Pure Flavour. Within both companies I am responsible for smooth operations, from website to production and fast delivery of our products to customers.

That should give you a rough overview, what about you? Drop me a line anytime.