First blog post

It might sound weird, but this actually is not my first blog post. I have started and stopped blogging a number of times now. Actually so many that I cannot remember. The reason why I do always come back, is because I often stumble upon blogs that are quite interesting but are being used mostly as later reference for the writer. I do have a lot of notes about a variety of topics – one goal therefore is to make these things public, so I will not loose them. Since I do my research usually pretty thoroughly I believe it might be beneficial to someone on the search…

The more important goal is something much more personal, I do want to write more as I believe writing structures thoughts. And in my business and private life 90 percent is talk and not much comes in longer written format. Doing so, especially short mails, but also text / whatsapp messages, cannot convey a whole argumentation for or against something. For this I believe you need to have three parts:

  • a introduction why something is important and what the foundations / the assumptions are.
  • then we need the main argumentation part that should be logically constructed only with the things that have been laid out in the introduction. This should end in some kind of new insight that is not obvious before reading the argument.
  • and lastly as the argument is done and the insight is understood: What does this mean for the current situation? Is there any changes that we need to do immediately or in the middle term?
    Mostly it stops there, what I find really important in this step to also think about, what assumptions of other decisions / argumentation does this change? It might trigger something much bigger…

So, this blog will first and foremost be used as my extended brain and a resource for me to send out articles that I have read or written long ago, but find useful for someone to read. It will contain some book reviews and some insights that I have distilled from them. It will show my opinion on a wide variety of topics and of course an argumentation why I believe in them.

So long,



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